Social Media Trends Lawyers Need to Know in 2016 Pt. 1

social media trendsPart 1: Marketing Your Law Firm with Social Media (You’re Here!)
Part 2: Social Media in Litigation
Part 3: Advising Your Clients About Social Media

As the new year approaches, it’s a useful time to look at what we can all look forward to in the new year. I mean, it’s pretty arbitrary in general… except when you’re talking about accounting or CLE requirements. But we do it anyway, because it’s interesting.

In reality, the world of social media moves so quickly now that I should probably update you on trends every two or three weeks. But ain’t nobody got time for that! So here is part 1 of my Social Media Trends Lawyers Need to Know in 2016. Up first, social media trends that will impact your law firm’s marketing: (more…)

12 Awesomely Funny Gifts for Lawyers (with Issues!) Vol. 3

funny gifts for lawyers12 Awesomely Funny Gifts for Lawyers (with Issues!) – Vol. 1
12 Awesomely Funny Gifts for Lawyers (with Issues!) – Vol. 2
12 Awesomely Funny Gifts for Lawyers (with Issues!) – Vol. 3 (You’re here)

Once again, we find ourselves approaching that most joyous of holidays – Full Contact Shopping Friday! We should all stop at least once, allowing our aggressive consumerism to rest for a moment, and realize that we’re supposed to be buying things for other people.

With that in mind, you’ve likely made your way to this post because one of the people you’re buying for is a lawyer. Or you need a good laugh. Either way, I present to you my third annual “12 Awesomely Funny Gifts for Lawyers (with Issues!)”: (more…)

10 Innovative Project Management Tools for Lawyers

project management toolsEarlier this week, I gave you several reasons why your law firm needs to implement a project management system. Presumably, you understood and agree that existing market pressures and client demands mean law firms need to streamline processes to be more efficient.

Along the way, you’ll also get superior work product with fewer mistakes as a little side benefit.

I also listed four key elements that a good project management tool needed to have to be effective in a law firm. The right project management tool has:

1) Adjustable Workflows
2) Secure Communication
3) Real-Time Collaboration, and
4) Detailed Analytics.

However, there are literally hundreds of project management tools available. So here are my recommendations – 10 Innovative Project Management Tools for Lawyers.


Why You Need Project Management in Your Law Firm

project management

(Welcome to my 200th post on The Cyber Advocate!)

“Everyone hates lawyers, except their own, of course.”

It’s an interesting proposition – the idea that people universally hate lawyers. Oftentimes, I happen to believe, lawyers are hated as a result of misdirected anger. We’re the face that opposing parties put on the less-than-courteous actions of our clients. Sure, it might be the bank that’s throwing me out, or the doctor who injured me, or OJ who (allegedly) murdered his wife, but it’s the lawyer whose face we see.

So I suppose I understand the first part, but the second part of the quote leaves a lot of wiggle room. For lawyers, we like to read it as a sign that everyone loves their own lawyer. But that’s not what the quote says. All it really says is that they don’t hate us. Why wouldn’t they like us? Well, a lot of reasons…

But one of the highest on the list (and growing in prominence recently) is the way we do our job – and how that ends up costing our clients more. The result is a steady change in the way law firms are expected to do business, with greater efficiency, transparency, and communication.

But even major companies don’t achieve those kinds of goals through sheer will. They use sophisticated project management tools and systems, put in place over time. So why haven’t law firms implemented legal project management?

There is no good answer, because you need it. (more…)

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