Phishing: When One Email Shuts Down Your Law Firm


It can happen.

It almost happened to me yesterday.

I opened up my email and saw one from a familiar sender, but with a strange subject line entry. The body of the email instructed me to remit payment based on instructions in the attached invoice, referring to the information below.

What I saw there was a poor copy-paste job of a local bank’s information page, with a link in the center (written out as a file ending in “.doc”). There was nothing attached, and the email instructed me to view the “attachment.”

Our IT vendor was immediately notified.

But what if I’d clicked on the link? (more…)

How to Create a Successful Law Firm Website: Web Hosting Services

web hosting

Creating a new website for your law firm, whether you’re opening up a new practice or updating a dated law firm, can be an immense task. I’d love to say that following this guide will allow you to put together a successful and profitable website in your spare time. It won’t.

However, in this series, I will walk you through the critical steps of putting together an effective website. Some of those steps inform you to go get help from someone else. Unless you’re a veteran computer programmer, a marketing expert, and a practicing, there’s a lot that’ll probably be over your head.

Don’t worry about it. In this four-part series, you’ll learn the basics of setting up a website that, as part of your overall marketing plan, will help convert visitors into clients, and give you a competitive advantage in your market.

Part I: Getting Started
Part II: Your Domain Name

You have your domain name, now it’s time to get technical – first up on that list is finding the right web hosting service for your new website: (more…)

How to Ignore the Experts: Most Popular Passwords of 2015

most popular passwords

Isaac Newton famously said:

“If I have seen further than others, it is by standing upon the shoulders of giants.”

On the other hand, H.L. Mencken said:

“Nobody ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of the American public.”

Based on the recently released list of the top 25 most popular passwords of 2015, I empathize more with the second quote. The inescapable conclusion: we’re morons. (more…)

Your SEO Strategy is About to be Suddenly Obsolete

SEOYou’ve finally decided to get into the game and develop a serious, well-designed website for your law firm. It’s got everything your prospective clients need. But they need to find it first. Sure, many visitors will be looking for you specifically, but you also want to rank well on more general searches.

For that, you need to optimize your website – a process commonly known as Search Engine Optimization (“SEO”). You know that SEO is really important to do well, because it determines how your website ranks in various search engines, so you studied up. You fixed what you could, but you also got help from professional marketers.

After spending considerable time – and money – you believe that you finally have a solid SEO strategy. The thing is, it’s all about to fundamentally change. (more…)

Review: FullContact – Intelligent Contact Management


Ever since I became interested in technology for the legal profession, I’ve been looking for two specific types of software that matched my expectations. The first, case management solutions, have been attacked from all angles, and I’m convinced they’ll get it right soon.

The second, well, I really want someone to come up with a system that can organize my damn contacts! Something short of a full CRM system (particularly the price point), yet more than what most contact books offered.

In the end, I want a contact management system that allows me to keep track of the professional contacts that I develop over my career, with limited peripherals that help with networking. So as I continued on my expedition to find this mystical program, I came across FullContact… (more…)

How E-Signatures Will Make You a High Tech Professional


When was the last time you signed and sealed a document? Unless you take the title “Esquire” far too seriously (if you’re wearing a powdered wig, this is for you)… or you’re in possession of something passed directly to you from some sitting monarch, the answer is “never.”

It’s not just the plebs who no longer respect the value of an ink signature. The United States government (as well as most of those federal units, called “states”) have decided to throw tradition out the window when it comes to signing documents.

That’s right, e-signatures are actually valid and legally binding for most transactions. Even where it’s not the preferred option, e-signatures will often be upheld absent affirmative evidence of fraud.

But there’s a better reason for you to become an e-signature ninja: your wonderful plans for a “Paperless” Law Firm are basically worthless without them.


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