This Is The Future of Courtroom Tech, and I Love It!

footer_logoSo I read this article yesterday from the ABA’s Law Technology Today about the future of courtroom tech, and I couldn’t help but be a little giddy. Trying to explain it to my girlfriend, my “nerd” was on full display. (Not that I really work too hard to conceal it, anyway… for my recent birthday I made her watch the entire original Star Wars trilogy. In my own defense, it WAS my birthday, and she’d never seen it.  I KNOW, right?)

This courtroom, located in Louisville, Kentucky, is the future of courtroom tech, and it is sweet! Continue Reading

Is Your Android Device Secure? New Vulnerabilities Raise Serious Questions (Part 1)

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**UPDATED** as of 5:18 pm EDT

Ever heard of the “Master Key,” or know how your “weblogin Token” can be stolen? Both are serious issues that demand the question: “Is your Android device secure?” As an attorney, it’s likely that you use your phone or tablet to conduct business, including storing or discussing confidential client information. If any of the devices you use operate on the Android OS, you had better have the security of that information in mind, and know how to minimize your risks. In this three-part article, I hope to help you do just that.

First, what is the “Master Key,” and how does it affect my security… Continue Reading

Top 3 Reasons Non-Lawyers Should Not Write About Legal Ethics

footer_logoAs a part of writing this blog, I do a lot of research on legal technology and how the use of technology impacts an attorney’s ethical obligations.  Yesterday, I came across the article “ABA Requires Lawyers to Understand Technology” on, originally published on July 23, 2013 in the New York Law Journal.  As I began reading the article, which talks about the amendments to the ABA’s Model Rules of Professional Conduct adopted last August, and I found myself wanting to claw at my eyes and rip out my hair.  In order to preserve my vision and coif, I decided instead to come up with my Top 3 reasons why non-lawyers should NOT write about legal ethics: (more…)

Replace the Legal Pad!

There are few tools or devices that are uniform to nearly all types of law practice, yet also used almost exclusively by lawyers. Probably the single most important one of those tools is the Legal Pad. Seriously, other than lawyers, who else uses them regularly once they’re done with college? Exactly. Yet, if you’re a practicing lawyer (or spend much time around us), you know that we’re rarely without them. So here’s my pitch: Replace the Legal Pad!

It has been my position for YEARS that the technological innovation that would be the lawyer’s version of “building a better mousetrap” was something that could eliminate the need for the legal pad. Evernote’s Penultimate 4.1 may be the closest thing yet to that proverbial “better mousetrap.” (more…)

Too Good to be True: Dropbox’s Little Security Problem

dropboxYeah, I have to admit that I love Dropbox. It may be the second most useful app I have on my iPad (the most useful, is iAnnotate, which I’ll discuss at another time). It’s freaking great! Files transfer seamlessly (or as seamlessly as your internet connection allows). I can make changes on my computer at home, upload those changes to Dropbox, make additional changes on my iPad, then use Dropbox to transfer that version to my work computer. What’s not to love?

Oh, right. Dropbox is, apparently, a gigantic, gaping hole in your company’s firewall and information security system. Continue Reading

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