Four Alternatives to Dropbox to Meet Your Firm’s Storage Needs

A little while back, I wrote an article about the security hazards posed by using Dropbox as your firm’s go-to cloud-based data storage, and why you might want to consider alternatives to Dropbox. While ideal for collaboration and portability of documents, the potential security risks inherent in using Dropbox are significant, unless you adopt specialized encryption software. Other major security issues include that one time when they turned off the password requirement for millions of accounts, stripping them of the little security they had.

Those security threats are made even more serious when you consider that the recent ABA Tech Survey reported that Dropbox was, by far, the preferred cloud-based data storage service for attorneys. Well, again a tip-of-my-hat to the guys over at PC World, as they have come up with a list of four alternatives to Dropbox, ideal for small businesses such as law firms. (more…)

10 Free Open-Source Alternatives for Small Business

Running a small business, particularly a small law firm, can be expensive. Among all the things you need to pay for, such as office supplies, equipment, and support services, none are as routinely expensive as purchasing software. One license of Microsoft Office will usually run over $200 per user. Little relief can be seen in the future, either, as the subscription models that are available now are even MORE expensive (Office 365, which is flawed and incomplete, will run you $150 per user, with undefined costs to continue using the program in the future).

So the fine folks over at PC World have done us all a HUGE favor by creating a list of 10 available open-source alternatives to replace those ridiculously expensive software packages that we have all thought were a necessary and unavoidable part of small business. Without further ado, the 10 Best (but in no particular order) Open-Source Alternatives for Small Business: (more…)

Maximizing Your Law Firm’s LinkedIn Company Page

4When you sign on to LinkedIn, you are probably most concerned with news about your contacts and making sure that your individual page looks good. It’s a professional social media site, so it is most definitely important to keep your information up-to-date and aesthetically pleasing. However, I’d be willing to bet you don’t put nearly that much thought into your law firm’s LinkedIn company page. (more…)

10 Tips for Developing Effective BYOD Policies

0819131258Earlier this week I wrote about the rise of the “Bring Your Own Device” (BYOD) paradigm in modern business. What I did not discuss in detail was the best way to develop effective BYOD policies to guide your firm in the future. These policies will address how you protect your vital client information and firm data while allowing attorneys and staff the flexibility that mobile devices provide, along with the comfort of using their own devices. As such, it is CRUCIAL that the policies are developed with an eye toward the future, and are not assembled haphazardly.

Here are my 10 Tips for Developing Effective BYOD Policies: (more…)

Top 10 Office Tools You Need to Have (But Didn’t Know Existed)

Scouring the recent news about technology in the law firm and in the courtroom, I came across a wonderful slideshow put together by the guys over at that informed me that there was office equipment and gear that I didn’t even realize that I needed.  Everyone seems to have little things that bother them in day-to-day activities around the office, or things that could be improved, but had long since accepted the status quo.  Not anymore!  Without further ado, the Top 10 Office Tools you Need to Have… but didn’t know existed! (more…)

Tweets of Wrath: Social Media and the Disgruntled Client

twitter“Sticks and stones may break your bones, but words will never hurt you,” admonished every single mother, I imagine, for the entire history of human kind. It’s probably even in some of those ancient cave glyphs that have been found. It’s a fundamental tenet of New Testament Christianity, that one will demonstrate their strength in their ability to “turn the other cheek,” to refuse to dignify the petty assault of another.

Today, it seems sometimes like it would take the internal, divine fortitude of a deity to handle some of the fierce attacks that one can find almost daily on Twitter or Facebook.

Then one morning, you’re flipping past pictures of your friends’ kids on Facebook, when you see that one of your former clients, unhappy about the result of their case, has decided to post a comment on your firm’s page calling you… (more…)

8 Essential iPad Apps for Depositions

Although trials are where a litigator’s talents and skills are most visible to the public, any litigator worth their salt knows that cases are won and lost in deposition (and they tend to happen a LOT more often than trials). Yet, in spite of this fact, most of the attention given to mobile apps for attorneys discusses how useful those apps will be at trial. When I looked for opinions about the essential iPad apps for depositions, it was pretty slim pickings. As a litigator, I know that even though I absolutely love trying cases to a jury, most of my time will be spent preparing for, and taking, depositions.

With that in mind, I give you my list of 8 essential iPad apps for depositions: (more…)

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