The Five Essential Elements of a CYA Cyber Liability Policy

cyber liability policy

If you’ve been conscious for 15 consecutive minutes or more at any point over the past five years or so, you’ve no doubt heard news about a major hack. It’s everywhere, extending even to domination of the presidential election campaign. Your business is at risk, your clients’ data is at risk, and you need to be involved.

Sure, but even the best laid plans can suffer the same fate of the great city of Constantinople – one unlocked door and your city has fallen! Fortunately, you’ve actually got the opportunity to protect your business in a way that the Byzantine Empire couldn’t – insurance. Specifically Cyber Liability Insurance. (more…)

Why Hasn’t Technology Been a Major 2016 Election Topic?

2016 election

Seriously, I understand that this has essentially been the Donald Trump election, and even the legitimate questions raised by the emails hacked from Hillary’s campaign have been drowned out. However, the candidates, the debates, the media coverage, they’ve all failed to ask one salient question about the candidates’ technology policies.

And the failure doesn’t rest solely at the presidential level. Candidates for senate, the house of representatives, and governors haven’t focused much time at all into talking about how we’re going to address, you know, 21st Century Problems here in the 21st Century.

2016 Election: Technology Issues Analysis (more…)

How to Make Even the Best Law Firm Website Fail Miserably

law firm websiteYou make sure nobody knows how to contact you!

Last week, I had a little bit of free time at the office and decided to update my contacts (yes, I actually do this). Several contacts, as happens, were missing phone numbers, email addresses, and other information. Some were literally nothing more than a name that I’d saved to remind myself to follow up about something – the fact that they’re blank indicating that the reminder to follow up didn’t work.

So as I looked around online for updated information on a bunch of attorneys I know, I ran into a problem I’d experienced in the past, and found remarkably frustrating – the information I was looking for was NOWHERE TO BE FOUND on the law firm website.

“Ah, now I remember,” I thought to myself, “why so many of my contacts don’t have full information.” I also remembered exactly how frustrating it was when what seemed like such basic information was unavailable.

Imagine how your prospective clients feel. (more…)

My 8 Favorite Mobile Apps for Paperless Depositions


There may be no more clear example of when a lawyer truly needs to be mobile than a deposition. If you’re taking the deposition, you’re likely in hostile territory (opposing counsel’s office), asking questions of a party or witness who’s likely not on your side. Moreover, these days, cases are tried in deposition as opposed to a courtroom, so this isn’t something you can go into half-assed. You need to be ready.

Thankfully, the world of mobile apps has kicked into high gear to make working away from your office possible – especially its advances over the past few years. All you need to do to  confirm is to look at the post I wrote three years ago about essential deposition apps, and compare the lists. There might be some apps making a repeat appearance, but even those apps are largely unrecognizable from their earlier versions.

So what do I bring with me to a deposition?  (more…)

4 Reasons Lawyers Will Love Twitter’s Latest Update

twitterIn the event you don’t know, I’m a pretty big fan of Twitter. No, I wasn’t an “early adopter” of Twitter like I was with Facebook. In fact, my serious use of Twitter only really started after I started this blog around three years ago.

However, since then, Twitter (and more specifically, TweetDeck) is where I go immediately after I read my daily news from Feedly. Even better, I just keep a browser window open there, because so much great stuff is regularly coming from the people I follow on my lists.

While there are a great many people who don’t like Twitter, or are simply unwilling to take the time to learn it, one thing cannot be denied – it’s not exactly intuitive for the first-time user. The 140 character limit is really only the starting point in a collection of hidden, obtuse rules that limit your ability to share your thoughts even further. While power users have adapted, many of these barriers have prevented more casual users from getting the most out of the program.

Until now… (more…)

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