From Word-of-Mouth to the Web: The Online Referral Chain [Guest Post]

This is a guest post by Stephan Roussan, the founder of ICVM Group.


“I don’t need to update my website, because all of my business comes from referrals.”


This is one of the most common excuses for having an outdated or neglected website – or for lacking one altogether. But in today’s online world, it’s a risky stance that will cost you future business. (more…)

Ignoring eDiscovery? The Internet of Things Will End Your Career

Internet of ThingsThere are a lot of reasons to hate eDiscovery, I suppose. Personally, I don’t truly understand the attorneys who avoid it like the plague. You’re never going to understand it if you don’t do it, and you’re giving up on a lot of potentially important information by refusing to use it.

On the other hand, I kind of get it. This isn’t the law you were trained to practice (or some other similar BS). To you, adding eDiscovery makes everything in your case one layer more difficult.

The problem with that position is that it’s not just annoying, it’s downright ignorant. First, I don’t care that eDiscovery isn’t something you started your practice with. For many of you, neither were computers. You use them now though, so what’s the problem? Second, there’s a reason why it adds a new layer of information – because we’re now keeping that information!

But here’s the biggest thing – if you’re unwilling to engage in eDiscovery, you’re going to be completely unable to perform your role as an attorney. Why? The Internet of Things, that’s why. (more…)

The Real Reason You Need Cyber Liability Insurance

cyber liability insuranceAnother day, another hack. Yesterday brought news that four million current and former government employees may have had their personal information stolen by Chinese hackers.

Of course, this comes on the heels of what has been a staggering 18 months of hacks. Starting with the Home Depot and Target hacks, we’ve been barraged with story after story about major companies and retailers being hacked for their customers’ data. It’s not just big companies and big-box retailers, though. Law firms are increasingly the target of hackers, due to a combination of factors including relatively lax security and large quantities of organized, valuable information.

Too often when we hear about hacks, our first reaction is how much it would suck to have our own personal data stolen. We think about how much it will cost us to repair that person’s injury – particularly to things that are difficult to repair like credit scores and mental health. It’s easy to think about events like the Target hack, and think about how much Target might have to pay all those customers. You wonder: if your law firm was hacked, would you be able to afford paying for that?

Unfortunately, that’s not the real reason you need cyber liability insurance. In fact, very few law firms even have a reason to insure against third-party liability from a hack. So what is the real reason you need cyber liability insurance? (more…)

9 Shameless, Uncensored Tips to Boost Your Paperless Office

paperless officeIt seems like the concept of the Paperless Office has been around for quite a while. There have been whispers about it ever since email gained wide use in the 90s, and a few daring individuals like Ernie Svenson demonstrated it was possible back in the 2000s. However, in the two years since I started this blog, there has been remarkable progress.

Not remarkable enough, though, to allow Paperless Office advocates to quiet their gospel. Unfortunately, one byproduct of this situation is that there are only limited attempts to define Paperless 2.0 (in the event nobody has claimed that, DIBS! – although I doubt I’m first) really is.

Most law firms aren’t really ready for Paperless 2.0. Too many of us are willing to achieve a business-development goal, and then bury our heads back in our case files for a few years, assuming the problem to be solved.

But some are ready. Some technology-adopting lawyers are hungry for the next advantage, and seek out the new and untested. For you, here is my challenge: Take your Paperless Office to the next level! (more…)

Best New Apps for Lawyers – May 2015

best new appsHey everyone, happy June! According to my calendar, summer starts in about 20 days. According to the actual weather… been here for a while! I’ve been insanely busy these past few weeks, and have some exciting news to announce (which I end up giving away in this post, but you’ll need to read it to find it!) about new features coming this month!

But I couldn’t leave everyone without your list of new apps!

Here are my best new apps for lawyers released in May 2015: (more…)

10 Simple Ways Twitter Will Make You a Better Lawyer

twitterTwitter is probably my favorite social network. Sure, when I’m at home, I might spend more time on Facebook than Twitter. LinkedIn may be a more “professional” way to network with other professionals. And Google+ is much easier to make fun of.

Yet I always come back to my Twitter feed (displayed nicely on TweetDeck). There are a lot of really nice things about Twitter, most of them completely contrary to the negative opinion that many lawyers I talk to have built in their minds. There are a ton of people there, the news comes fast and furious, and there’s always something new.

But most importantly (particularly for this post), it’s simple. It’s easy. Really, it is. What you see is what you get. You don’t have to worry about which one of your privacy settings were just reset, without warning, by Mark Zuckerberg. Every Tweet is public, so no worries about someone pulling a SnapChat and holding your private posts for ransom.

It’s simple. And amazingly effective. Best of all, you don’t need to be a computer programmer or social media guru to get the most out of Twitter. Here are 10 simple ways Twitter will make you a better lawyer: (more…)

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