Does your law firm have a BYOD Policy in place?

If you could increase productivity while providing the best possible security for your clients’ data, you’d do it, right?

In today’s law firms, everyone uses their personal smartphones and tablets. They’re happier with a device they know, and they’re more productive. With today’s cyber security risks, allowing access to your clients’ confidential data on mobile devices adds risk. Doing so without a security policy in place is just asking for trouble.

Creating an effective Bring Your Own Device (“BYOD”) Policy takes time and expertise you may not have, or an expensive IT consultant you may not be able to afford. Or, you can download our free BYOD Policy Template, and have all the tools you need to craft a BYOD Policy that is right for your law firm’s needs, and helps you protect your clients’ data.

Download our BYOD Policy Template to get:

  • A complete BYOD policy based on our experience drafting and analyzing dozens of successful BYOD Policies;
  • Multiple component options, allowing you to customize your BYOD Policy to fit your law firm’s needs; and
  • Helpful tips on how to effectively implement your BYOD policy.

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Fill out the form to download your free BYOD Policy Template.

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