A Poem of SCOTUSblog’s Tweets is a Beautiful Thing

scotusblogUsually I try to keep my posts educational and informative. After all, my mission is to help educate lawyers about technology and whatnot. But sometimes the best way to get people interested in a topic is to be entertaining.

This afternoon, I was reading Jim Calloway’s newest post: The Poetic View of Law Practice Management. In it, he discussed a new tool that he learned about via the Huffington PostPoetweet. It’s a tool that takes your Twitter feed and turns it into a poem. I was curious, so I entered my Twitter handle, @NCCyberAdvocate.

Not satisfied with those results alone, I did a few more. And the absolutely ideal candidate? SCOTUSblog. I threw in a few more for fun, including two of The Cyber Advocate’s favorite legal tech gurus: Joshua Lenon from Clio, and the Lawyerist’s Sam Glover. Oh, and Joe Biden, just for good measure:

Patent cases
by SCOTUSblog

Kansas to issue same-sex marriages.
Unanimous vote against barriers
Pursuit of a claim for damages
That excluded abortion protesters.

New cases from today’s Conference.
This Term; will have a big impact.
Dunderheads! Fie on your ignorance!
The Child Status Protection Act.

Court without filing cross-appeal.
Of our Senate press credential:
Preserve winning theory on appeal.

Nigtmare will follow your decision.
Be a good time to get in line.
Discrimination based on religion.


* * *

Using a
by The Cyber Advocate

To the flesh of the voter’s chest”
Surveillance: The Complete Guide
For Lawyers. Check out the rest:
That you could ever provide.”

Usually your security questions!
For your new tablet or smartphone!
Study offers some suggestions.
Payments for Windows Phone!

Brand new tablets or smartphones?
[the government] cannot read?”
But could still offer “fast lanes”

Case for using an email archiver.
Good god don’t get me started.
Your law firm already lost forever?


* * *

Expensive services
by Joshua Lenon

It’s a conspiracy of cartographers!
Should stem abuses, agreed.
Peaky Blinders.
AND elder experience to succeed.

Visit Missouri for a family matter.
I’m Lawyer in Residence.
These students perform better.
In the neck and a budding bromance.

That only comes for 2-3% of cases.”
It’s Autumn jacket weather here.
Will Own The Day by on Discusses

You’re in Vancouver? For how long?
Ones for practice transition.
Can be deported for owning a bong.


* * *

A teacher
by Sam Glover

My parents, but it must be nice.
Short code would probably be best.
Advice on Asking Lawyers for Advice
In one this summer. Giggle fest.

They go after they have compared.
They available in men’s colours?
Probably just needs to be cleared.
To have you as a guest on ours!

Rugs say ”In Dog We Trust.“
They could “rescue” RTS games.
The election on Twitter? Just

No More. if you couldn’t tell.
Don’t CC Clients on Emails
Because otherwise what the hell.


And a few more, just for fun…







Okay, back to work…