Stronger Passwords to Protect Your Practice [Infographic]

You take all the necessary steps to protect your client confidences: you are quick to object in depositions to questions that may violate privilege, you have separate locks on your client files in your office, and you have the best off-site storage facility for your closed files. Yet when it comes to securing your client’s data, and your firm’s financial information, online, you use the same password for all of your accounts: your spouse’s name, entirely in lower-case letters.

Passwords are an accepted part of our lives – they’re everywhere. They’re universal – universally used and universally loathed. Part of the problem is that passwords require making a decision between convenience and security. For the most part, when selecting our passwords, we choose convenience. I created the graphic below to show you two things: 1) how dangerous selecting convenience over security really is when choosing your passwords, and 2) some advice on how to come up with stronger passwords to protect your business and your clients:

Strong Passwords Infographic

Tell me what you think of my first Infographic – Stronger Passwords.