The Cyber Advocate’s Review Catalog

The Cyber Advocate’s Review Catalog is your source for reviews of products, services, software and apps from around the internet.  Updated daily, you can count on The Cyber Advocate’s Review Catalog to have up-to-date reviews on the newest technology.  Never relying on one source for the reviews, I scour the internet to find quality reviews from reputable sources, then put them together so that you can judge for yourself!  Before you buy a new computer, smartphone, tablet, or upgrade your computer’s software or office equipment, check out reviews from wide-ranging sources to make sure you’re getting the best for your money.

The Cyber Advocate’s Review Catalog includes reviews of:

  • Computers, including desktop and laptop versions, and accessories for your workstation;
  • Data Storage, from portable hard drives all the way to cloud-based services;
  • Equipment for your office, including printers, scanners, voice recorders, and wireless routers;
  • Mobile Apps for your law practice, including document processing apps, productivity apps, and presentation & trial practice apps for iOS, Android OS, Blackberry, and Windows 8, for your smartphone or your tablet;
  • Operating Systems, including reviews and updates of desktop and mobile systems;
  • Phones and other smart communication devices, along with reviews of available accessories;
  • Software, with reviews of everything from basic software packages all the way to practice management services and software-as-service packages;
  • Tablets, along with reviews of available accessories.

Before you buy anything for your home or office, make sure to check out The Cyber Advocate’s Review Catalog to make sure that you get the best value for your money.  Also, make sure to check back in under the Category Tech Guru for more advice on how to get the most out of the tools or software you already have!