Does Google’s Nexus 7 beat the iPad Mini?

1_nexus7_tnThat’s the question a recent review of Google’s latest tablet offering seeks to answer.

The Nexus 7 boasts many features that put it at the very least on par with Apple’s feature mini-tablet.  However, the Nexus 7 has several key features that the iPad Mini cannot match…

First, and most significantly to me, the Nexus 7 offers wireless recharging.  In order for an iPad to recharge, it has to be plugged in either to a computer or a wall socket via specialized USB converter. The Nexus 7 is capable of recharging via a wireless induction recharging pad which, although it requires an additional investment, provides an option that Apple doesn’t have.

Additionally, the Nexus 7 has Google’s best screen to date, slightly sharper than the iPad Mini, and is set up for viewing on a 16:9 ratio, ideal for movies, unlike the iPad Mini’s 4:3 screen.  The Nexus 7 also has a processor that should exceed the capabilities of the iPad Mini, particularly when using apps that utilize the new capabilities of Android OS 4.3.

The final factor that cannot be overlooked is the price.  The Nexus 7 16GB model sells for $229, compared to $339 for the 16GB iPad Mini.  Jump up to 32 GB, and the price advantage of the Nexus 7 ($269 vs. $429 for the iPad Mini) is even greater.[poll id=”3″]

The review acknowledges that the tablets are otherwise dead even, and that the advantages of the Nexus 7 are no so significant that tablet buyers who are loyal to Apple will switch.  However, anyone not tied down to the iOS or otherwise concerned about the Android OS’s security issues should definitely give the Nexus 7 a look.

To see the complete review, click here.