Review Catalog

Here in The Cyber Advocate’s Review Catalog, you can search through an index of hundreds of reviews of products and services available for attorneys.  Just click on the category of product you are interested in, and the Review Catalog will bring up an index of reviews in that category that can be searched or filtered!  Reviews are added daily, so you will always be able to check for the most up-to-date reviews on the newest products and services!

Computers: Reviews of computers (desktops & laptops) and computer accessories

Data Storage: Reviews of various types of data and document storage, from cloud services to portable hard drives

Equipment: Reviews of numerous types of office equipment, including printers, scanners, routers and more

Mobile Apps: Reviews of Apps for mobile devices, including Apple’s iOS, Google’s Android OS, Blackberry and Windows 8

Operating Systems: Reviews of operating systems for all types of computer devices

Phones: Reviews of smartphones and accessories

Software: Reviews of available software packages and services, including practice management and software-as-service packages

Tablets: Reviews of tablets and accessories