Why Have We Given Up on Email?

data-security-icon-bigRecently, I needed one of my clients (an insurance company) to provide me a copy of their standard policy so I could see some of the specific language as I performed my research. It was important, since the case law I’d already found said that the issue would hinge on the language of the contract.

Instead of emailing me a copy, it was sent to our managing partner via secured email portal. When the email was forwarded to me, it couldn’t be opened. Instead of printing a 90-page document so I could use two pages, the partner simply called me into the office to view the pages. That was when I first encountered the clumsy, unintuitive document reader program in which I was allowed to access the document.

At that point, I realized that we have given up on email. (more…)

Best New Apps for Lawyers – March & April 2014

Well, to say that March and April of 2014 have been crazier than I expected would be a MAJOR understatement. Regardless, I’ve neglected you wonderful readers of my blog for far too long, and I pledge not to allow it to happen again for, well… at least for a few months.

Ok, my daunting schedule aside, I’ve decided to combine the best apps from March and April into one post. And, by my review of the apps, I may really be making my life difficult. On the other hand, there are always plenty of interesting new apps to check out. Well, once more into the breach, dear friends, once more!:


You Really Thought Cloud-Based Services Were Totally Secure?

cloud-based 1

Lets be honest, many people were completely shocked by the revelations from Edward Snowden’s release of classified NSA documents last year about the width and breadth of the NSA’s spying. Unless you had seen the Will Smith movie Enemy of the State. From 1997. Which basically was a movie about how the NSA did EXACTLY what Edward Snowden said they did. And that movie came out before things like the Patriot Act.

Amazingly, people were still shocked, shocked I say, to discover that the NSA was spying on, well… everyone.

Newsflash: electronic data is not totally secure. Never will be. If you are able to access the information, someone else can too. It’s pretty basic. That’s why I was so surprised to read this article from the Lawyerist, by one of my favorite legal bloggers, Sam Glover, discussing how he’s re-thinking his use of the cloud for his legal files. In other words, he’s “shocked, shocked I say” to learn that the cloud isn’t totally secure. (more…)

Best New Apps for Lawyers – February 2014

It’s been a few weeks since my most recent post. A combination of work, life, and snow/ice has gotten in the way of writing, for which I apologize. But enough about me! February is over, and as a resident of the southeast, I say Thank God! However, February was an excellent month for new apps that the tech-savvy attorney can benefit greatly from.

Without any further ado, here are the Best New Apps for Lawyers from February 2014: (more…)

5 Major Social Media Trends for Lawyers in 2014

social media trends 1For many firms, social media is already a major part of advertising their services to potential clients. Yet for others, it’s a mere afterthought (if it exists at all). When used poorly, its value is limited, if not downright negative. When used effectively, as part of an overall marketing strategy, social media can be a tremendous benefit to any firm.

Whether you’re skeptical about its uses or not, nobody can argue with the fact that the world of social media moves quickly. Keeping up with social media trends can be tough for anyone. With that in mind, here are 5 Major Social Media Trends for Lawyers in 2014: (more…)

4 Reasons the Comcast-TWC Merger is Bad for Everyone

comcast-twc merger 1By now, you’ve all heard about it. Comcast is “merging” with Time Warner Cable (“merging” is what they call it when they buy the other company with Comcast stock instead of Comcast’s cash). The deal is reportedly valued around $45 billion, and the deal is expected to be complete by the end of the year.

Given the immense publicity of the merger in the 12 hours since the news was reported, the FCC’s review will need to seem competent. Comcast will make the same arguments: economies of scale, increased competition, and financial savings, etc. Yet just like their promise to be at your house between 8 and noon, you should be very skeptical.

If allowed, the Comcast-TWC Merger will have considerable consequences you won’t find in Comcast’s press release. Here are 4 Reasons the Comcast-TWC Merger is Bad for Everyone.


Review: Authentic3D – Presenting Human Anatomy in 3D

authentic3dNot long ago, I was contacted by a developer to ask me for my thoughts on his company’s newest product, Authentic3D. The developer, Jorey Chernett, and his company, Intrinsic Medical Imaging LLC, developed software that renders CT-Scans and MRIs in 3D. Originally the software was designed to assist health care professionals review and explain diagnostic tests. But one day, Mr. Chernett got a call from a friend, an attorney interested in using the software at trial.

As a medical malpractice defense attorney, I am always skeptical of anything designed to display medical images, particularly from an evidentiary standpoint. But when I opened the first sample video, I was blown away… (more…)

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