How to Create a Social Media Strategy that Gets Results

social media strategyWhat is your law firm’s social media strategy?

It probably comes as no surprise to most of you that, for the majority of firms, the response is “I dunno.” Hell, 54% of attorneys apparently believe that using social media for marketing at all is just hype. If you’re here, you either think they’re (maybe) wrong, or you accidentally clicked on the wrong headline.

Either way, if your law firm uses social media to market your firm in any way, you really need a written social media strategy. A written strategy will ensure that your social media stays focused on accomplishing the firm’s goals, ensuring everyone is on the same page.

Moreover, it provides a valuable blueprint that helps you make important decisions, and establishes workflows to make you more efficient.

Ok, you agree, you probably need a social media strategy. But who has the time? You do. Here’s How to Create a Social Media Strategy that Gets Results: (more…)

9 Essential Skills of a Law Firm Social Media Manager

social media managerTo a lot of attorneys, the idea of spending any significant time on social media is ridiculous. For them, the idea that someone would have “Social Media Manager” as a title is likely even more ridiculous. Thing is, those attorneys are dropping fast, and they’ll soon be left in the dust.

Social media is no longer optional for marketing your law firm. Only the extent of your engagement is really in question. For some firms, very limited engagement is appropriate. For others, an entire team needs to be hired just to tend to the social networks.

Regardless, you need someone in your firm whose job it is to oversee your social media. Whether it’s part-time, full-time, or a full division of your company, you need a social media manager. And it can’t be just anybody.

Here are 9 Essential Skills for a Law Firm Social Media Manager: (more…)

5 Ways Lawyers Can Make More Money Using Social Media

social media
The biggest problem with attorneys using social media to market their law firms is that social media is not a marketing platform. Traditional marketing involves a brief statement offering legal services, and it ends. The prospective client either calls or doesn’t, and that’s it.

Social media just isn’t the same thing. Traditional advertising is a pitch, the lawyer speaking and the prospective client silent. Social media, on the other hand, is a conversation. Attorneys who treat social media like a billboard or a TV ad just end up looking stupid, like this: (more…)

6 Simple Tools to Create the Ultimate LinkedIn Profile

linkedin profileAsk any lawyer about social networking, and you’ll hear the same thing: “LinkedIn.” Hell, ask pretty much anyone working as a professional or anyone in corporate America, LinkedIn is the place to be. Why? Because LinkedIn has made itself a wonderful combination of Facebook and Twitter – for business hours and serious business people.

The stats are insane: 2 new members per second; 100 million users in the U.S.; 40% of users check the site daily; 3 million business pages; 2.1 million groups; 34% annual web traffic growth. It’s where you want to be for business-to-business (“B2B”) communication.

Wow, suddenly you realize that you’ve been using LinkedIn to stand out as a professional. Using your LinkedIn Profile. Among 100 million people. Turns out, you’re gonna need a bigger boat!

linkedin profile

Fortunately, there’s help! Here are 6 Simple Tools to help Create the Ultimate LinkedIn Profile: (more…)

The Anthem Hack: 5 Critical Lessons for Your Law Firm

anthem hackLast week, the nation’s second largest health insurance company, Anthem, announced a massive data breach. According to reports, personal information for as many as 80 million customers and employees of Anthem was accessed. While no bank account or credit card numbers were apparently stolen, information taken includes names, addresses, social security numbers, and medical records numbers.

I have echoed the warnings of security experts who have identified health care organizations as a major future target of hackers. While Anthem is not the first health care-related business that has suffered a data breach, it’s currently the largest.

But the Anthem hack targeted a health insurance company. What can we lawyers possibly learn?

Plenty. (more…)

Does Your Law Firm Need an Enterprise Social Network?

enterprise social networkHow do you talk to your co-workers? In person? That’s SO 20th Century! Via email? How 2002. Intra-company instant messenger? Don’t even get me started.

At least, that appears to be what Facebook and LinkedIn think about it. How else can you explain both companies diving into the enterprise social network game? Both companies want to “revolutionize” the way you communicate within your company. And they want to do it using tools you’re familiar with.

Facebook’s new system, helpfully titled Facebook at Work, wants to help you… Facebook… at work. Not to be outdone, LinkedIn, long the refuge for professionals who want to get in on the social media game, is testing its own enterprise systems. Are either of these enterprise social networks going to be useful to your practice? (more…)

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