Are Your Vendors Protecting Your Clients’ Data?

You have an ethical obligation to protect your clients’ confidential information. You go to great lengths to make sure that information is kept confidential. It’s very important to you.

Is it important to your vendors too?

It had better be. Every day you trust third-party vendors with your clients’ confidential information. You probably do so without giving it a second thought. But they’re not lawyers. While they might suffer some financial penalties if confidential data is released, you’re the one who is ultimately responsible.

Your law license is riding on it.

The best way to protect your practice and your clients is to know and understand the steps your vendors take to protect this data. Our free Third-Party Vendor Checklist will guide you through an audit of your vendors’ terms of service, to determine if they take sufficient steps.

Download our Third-Party Vendor Checklist to get:

  • A complete interactive checklist to help you audit your vendors’ terms of service;
  • Topics broken into particular areas of concern like Confidential Data Security, Security Practices, and General Due Diligence; and
  • Analysis of responses and recommended follow-up questions, based on the information you enter.

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Download your free Third Party Vendor Checklist.


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