About The Cyber Advocate Blog

About The Cyber Advocate Blog

Getting the most out of available tools and technology requires that a user possess two different sets of information: 1) they must be aware of what tools and technology are available, and 2) they must know how to get the most out of the tools and technology they already have.  Those two tasks are made even more difficult in an industry like ours, which has traditionally been slow to adopt new technology, but now finds itself under assault due to the rapidly changing nature of global commerce.

The Cyber Advocate Blog will serve as a sort of survival guide to help attorneys navigate this new, more competitive landscape.  Here attorneys will find information about new products and services, reviews and comparison charts to assist in purchase decisions, analysis and tips for how attorneys can best employ the tools they have to improve their practice, and how attorneys can utilize new technology while maintaining highest ethical standards.  In order to best provide that information in an organized manner, without simply dumping information, the blog is helpfully separated into the following sections:

The Cyber Advocate’s Tech Guru

You know that friend you always go to when you don’t know how something works, or which particular computer is the right one to get?  That friend who always provides sage advice and tells you about little tricks that they’ve found?  Here, that’s our Tech Guru.  Wondering if new tools or technology can help you to gain more clients and bill more hours?  The Tech Guru provides advice and insight on what tech trends to buy, what to avoid, and how to get the most out of the tech you have.

The Cyber Advocate Roundtable

The effect of new tools and technology on the legal profession, and on the global economy generally, cannot be understood without context.  The Cyber Advocate Roundtable seeks to provide that context, allowing attorneys to more fully understand the impact of new tools and technology.  How will we do that, you ask?  By creating the discussion.  The Roundtable will identify and discuss how new technology is impacting the legal profession, with special focus on legal advertising, attorneys’ use of social media, the attorney’s obligation to keep client information safe and secure, and the use of technology in the courtroom.

The Cyber Advocate’s Ethical Advisor

Dealing with new technology can be hard enough without thinking about whether using the new technology might run afoul of the Rules of Professional Conduct or other ethical guidelines.  The Cyber Advocate’s Ethical Advisor will assist you in navigating safely through the oftentimes confusing path of ethical rules, providing information and analysis on new rules being put in place, new interpretations of old rules, and tips on how you can use new tools and technology in an ethically responsible way.  .

The Cyber Advocate Review Database

Even with all the information about how technology is affecting the practice of law, how best to use certain types of technology to improve a law practice, and how to gain the benefits of new technology while maintaining highest ethical standards, that knowledge is useless unless attorneys have a place to go where they can find out all they need about the products and services available to them.  That’s where the Database comes in.  The Database will provide a searchable, sortable table of tools and technology, from computers to cell phones, from scanners to mobile apps, to keep attorneys informed.  Most importantly though, the database will provide links to reviews and comparisons, specific to the practice of law, allowing any attorney to educate themselves about the available options, and make a more informed decision about which product best serves their practice and their clients.  To visit the Review Database, click here.

For more information about The Cyber Advocate, check out our Contact Us page, or email me at info@thecyberadvocate.com