Why Hasn’t Technology Been a Major 2016 Election Topic?

2016 election

Seriously, I understand that this has essentially been the Donald Trump election, and even the legitimate questions raised by the emails hacked from Hillary’s campaign have been drowned out. However, the candidates, the debates, the media coverage, they’ve all failed to ask one salient question about the candidates’ technology policies.

And the failure doesn’t rest solely at the presidential level. Candidates for senate, the house of representatives, and governors haven’t focused much time at all into talking about how we’re going to address, you know, 21st Century Problems here in the 21st Century.

2016 Election: Technology Issues Analysis

Since I routinely talk about these technology issues, maybe I’m more sensitive to them. Certainly, it’s not like other issues haven’t gotten their fair share of attention, either (cough, Climate Change, cough). So I’ve decided that instead of bitching about the lack of coverage, I would actually provide a service for a change.

This post is the official announcement of my 2016 Election coverage of five major technology issues: 1) High-Tech Infrastructure, 2) Privacy/Surveillance, 3) Encryption, 4) Cyber Security, and 5) Net Neutrality/Open Internet.

Visit My 2016 Election: Technology Issues Analysis

On the 2016 Election page, you’ll find a candidate-by-candidate breakdown of their respective positions on these five key, yet woefully under-discussed, technology issues confronting our world. I’m analyzing the four major candidates for president, along with competitive races for congress and governor.

2016 Elections Analyzed:

For Senate, House of Representatives, and Gubernatorial races in the 2016 Election, I am adding these progressively over the next few days. If you see the race you’re looking for in bold, then it means it has been updated. If your race isn’t there yet, don’t worry, it won’t be long!

President of the United States

Major and third party candidate analysis is available now!

Presidential Candidate Analysis

U.S. Senate:

Senate Candidate Analysis






New Hampshire

North Carolina


U.S. House of Representatives

House of Representatives Candidate Analysis

Arizona 1st

California 25th

California 49th

Colorado 6th

Florida 7th

Florida 18th

Florida 26th

Illinois 10th

Iowa 1st

Maine 2nd

Minnesota 2nd

Nebraska 2nd

Nevada 3rd

New Jersey 5th

New York 19th

New York 22nd

Pennsylvania 8th

Texas 23rd


Gubernatorial Candidate Analysis




New Hampshire

North Carolina


West Virginia


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