How to Use Evernote to Make Business Cards Useful Again

business cardsWelcome to the first episode in my new video series Tech Tools & Tips, offering some simple technology solutions to life’s little inconveniences. Using video demonstrations of some of my favorite technology tools, I’m going to show you how easy it is to improve your practice through the technology you already own.

On today’s menu: business cards.

Business Cards – so useful, but so useless!

Today, I’m tackling an issue that I’ve had for quite a while: what the hell do I do with all of the business cards that I’m handed at events. They disappear SO FAST! Plus, the ones I have tend to be of little value when I’m digging them out of my bag or my desk several months later.

business cards

Adam, you probably didn’t expect me to find your business card this interesting!

So I needed a way to save the information on those business cards, and in a timely fashion. It turns out that the key is to use Evernote.

1) So, in short, this is all you have to do when someone hands you a business card:Take a picture of the card – a good one, because sometimes the text isn’t that easy to read. (While Evernote does have a spot for front and back photos, it’s not designed for you to take them both right away, like FullContact is.)

business cards

2) Save the image in Evernote as a “Business Card” – as opposed to a photo or a document.

business cards

Wait while Evernote converts the business card into a contact. This takes seconds. While it does that Evernote¬†also¬†checks to see if the person is on LinkedIn. If they are, the person’s LinkedIn information, including photo, are added to your Evernote contact.

… et voila!

business cards

3) Once you have the information, you can use the image of the business card, which is helpfully displayed above, to fill in any missing info.

4) Once you’re done, save the contact!

business cards

Bonus Tips for Business Cards in Evernote:

  • You can set up Evernote to save business cards to a specific notebook, and even to your phone’s native contacts app, in Settings.
  • Several additional options pop up: if the person’s LinkedIn profile appears, you have the option to connect with them.
  • You have the option of emailing your contact right from the app to share your contact information – great for networking events.
  • Once you’ve saved the business card, you can set reminders for follow-up through Evernote.

Seriously, business cards have become useful again. What’s better, you only need to have the card in your possession for about a minute.

About the Author

bio 2Brian Focht is a civil litigation attorney and technology enthusiast. In addition to being the author of The Cyber Advocate, he is also the producer and host of the Legal Technology Review podcast, and co-founder of B&R Concepts, a small business technology consulting company.